At C1000, the implementation of a conditions management system had hit crisis level. This long-running project had become bogged down, while the accountant demanded implementation. Together with a strong team of C1000 staff, the Recentes project manager refloated the stranded project and implemented the system on time. The system had functioned satisfactorily until the takeover of C1000 by Jumbo.
Recentes case

A weighty crisis costing millions

C1000 Supermarkets

For many years, a project was under way at a client organisation to build (their own!) system with which supplier conditions could be registered and calculated. Investments were already running into millions, but without completion.


Very weighty

Two events launched this project into a crisis: the project manager left the organisation and the controlling auditor required the system to be operational, tested and commissioned within 5 months. Technically speaking, the system was declared “SOX critical”, which means that its failure would stand in the way of an unqualified auditor’s report. And so the project became very weighty.


Bundling of expertise

A Recentes partner was requested to assume the role of project manager and to complete the project within the auditor’s requirements. Although this partner is by no means an IT expert pur sang, the system was completed on time thanks to the bundling of internal expertise and external assistance.


Flying colours

All applicable agreements were then input in the system and it was linked (through an interface) to the ERP system, so that the revenue could be calculated and included in the annual accounts, on the basis of actual data. All assessments were passed with flying colours; both the technical and acceptance assessments as well as the procedural ones. The latter mainly concerned the SOX assessments, which map out all the risks of the related processes and systems, along with the subsequent control measures.


Great satisfaction

To the great satisfaction of the auditor and (therefore) the client, the system was commissioned on time and has been in use daily ever since.

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